Automated phone call turns into date!

Pretty epic phone call just now, I got one of those automated phone calls saying that the warranty might be out on my car and I should extend it blah blah, so I said why yes of course I would like to talk to someone about this ‘great opportunity’ so I press one and the computer lets me know that someone will be calling me back shortly.
Sure enough a few minutes later a nice young lady calls me back and says that I expressed interest in renewing my car’s warranty. I said ‘what? I thought this was a dating service’ So shes like a dating service? I’m like yeah a dating service! She’s like you want to go on a date? I’m like yeah! So she’s like I’ll pick you up around 8 o’clock, where do you want to go? I’m like I don’t know wherever you want to go. So she’s like what about mcdonalds? I’m like sure! So she’s like yeah they got a dollar menu! I’m like sounds good! So she’s like okay see you at 8 then! I say okay and you can her her chuckling and she hangs up.
So the whole time I have it on speaker phone right and my boss is like she’s playing along? I’m like yeah! So he is all like sounds like your kind of girl.

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