Arnold shopping

So I’m at my neighborhood market and I’ve already picked up a few things and so I dunno I just feel like blurting out “get your ass to mars” in my typical Arnold fashion.

So I’m walking and looking at the frozen food aisle and there is this dude walking past and I just stop and say get your ass to Mars and the guy is kinda like lolwut. And so he starts walking away and I’m like it’s Arnold from total recall and so he kinda walks back a few feet and he’s like what’s that thing say coming out of the guys belly and he’s like “quaid… quaidddd” and we both start laughing. So he walks the opposite way and I continue forward on the quest of the hot pocket.

So I get my hot pockets and I’m going down an aisle headed for the front and apparently this guy has doubled back and is on my aisle again so I’m like “you’ve got to go deeper… deeeper” as I motion my hands in the air again imitating the mutant belly alien again. And we both laugh and he’s saying “quaid!” again.

All in all pretty funny experience…

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