Star Trek Discovery… discoveries hehe

So when I heard they were releasing a new star trek I assumed it was going to be a new movie. Then I realized like maybe a week or so back that it was actually a tv show. Now I’m all for some new star trek shows but I’m having mixed feelings about this one. It’s hard when you do a prequel to a bunch of other shows and movies to actually do it right, this one has naturally come out with a bunch of new technology that is never mentioned in any other series or movies and has revamped the look of the klingons and added in a bunch of other species as well. Which is like why are you doing this?

This doesn’t fit into anything else really and just feels like a cash grab. 🙁 Only time will tell if it is actually good and doesn’t screw up the continuity of the other shows/movies. It’s like I say about the new knight rider, it’s good if you don’t know anything about the original series and that will probably be the case here too…

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