Life’s Ambitions

It’s funny looking back thinking about how my ex girlfriends family didn’t like me because I didn’t have any “ambition”. Which they may of been partly right on, but seeing where I am today and that I still have ideas for things I want to do (while actually accomplishing some of them), it was never that I didn’t have the ambition. It was more that I had a hard realization of it takes money to make money and I did not ever have the extra money to do the ideas that I had. I also probably didn’t have the knowledge to actually manage a business, how to accomplish what I wanted to do or anything like that.

Now I find the knowledge where ever I can and do what I can and learn the rest along the way. I have come further in the last few years to doing the new ideas that I’ve had then probably ever in my life, there was always some excuse as to why I couldn’t do it, now I try and figure it out a long the way, constantly evolving the idea into something workable and to further the end goal of the idea along.

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