How we treat ourselves.

I was thinking about how we treat ourselves like we should treat ourselves good but sometimes we don’t. I’ve had this pair of shoes for around a year, totally falling apart, I’ve glued them back together multiple time with shoe glue and they are just falling to pieces. Like what is the point in that? I guess I’m trying to save a few bucks but at what cost? I’m not sure but feels like my sanity.

It’s been raining again lately and I thought the last time I had glued them up I had fixed my leaky slash wet sock problem, lol yeah my socks were getting wet but for some reason “I’m saving money” somehow makes sense in this scenario. I’m working all day in ~30 degree weather with wet socks, thankfully my feet were never cold so maybe this is why I had convinced myself it was okay, but man like wet socks? Like that’s the worst my dude, why am I doing this to myself I ask. It’s not like I can’t afford to get a pair of shoes so I can work and like ya know take care of myself. I don’t know.

I do know that I want to have a nice pair of non work shoes not covered in whatever gets on them at work. That’s why I wasn’t wearing my other pair of shoes that I had. So I ordered some more shoes and still wasn’t wearing the good ones I had then I’m like *forehead smack* I can wear those till my new new ones come in and just use those as my nice pair, I mean they are the same shoe, color and everything. So yeah I have been wearing those the past couple of days, it’s been nice.

Do nice stuff for yourself even if it’s just a pair of work shoes. That’s all.

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