A rant

It’s like I never really had fun as a kid, never did a lot of things that kids do when they are young and in school and shit. And it’s like I’m just now getting to the ‘fun’ stuff and it’s like I feel I missed out on so much when I was younger and I talk to other people and it’s like some of them it ruined their lives and the others it didn’t and they still party it up and it’s like I want to settle down and be that responsible guy with the amazing girl but on the other hand I just wanted to party it up cause it feels like there isn’t anything else but the next party to go too at least for right now.

What I need is a girl that likes to party still yet be responsible too but those girls while out there seem to be like nonexistent in my case. I just don’t know. Don’t know how to talk to girls, don’t know how to be social at all because that’s never been me. But booze does seem to make that easier as my inhibitions get lowered to like next to nothing, heh and then it just flows out of me like nothing but any other time I’m like that’s shirt that says ‘I have no game’.

Ok so speaking of I like this girl at work right and so I kind of like asked her out right and then like never got an answer… So later that weekend I asked again and she said yes but for reasons could not, which are valid but nonetheless put me in the position of really still liking her but being in a position where I can’t do anything about it; and thus the cycle continues.

Anyhow I digress, I don’t remember how I got here kind of like how I don’t know how I got home tonight, hehe.

And now the game you just lost it.

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