Being stupidly dense.

Have you ever had a moment where you thought you were right but you weren’t and then suddenly you find out you weren’t? Well I wouldn’t really say right,  but well you didn’t really think that you are wrong is maybe more of what I’m thinking. But then you kind of have an epiphany and you find out that you were actually not really . Then you kind of have everything thrown upside down. Yeah I’m having one of those moments or at least I was earlier. And now well I kind of feel like an ass hat. Live and learn eh? I just hope that it’s not too late to make it right…

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Arnold shopping

So I’m at my neighborhood market and I’ve already picked up a few things and so I dunno I just feel like blurting out “get your ass to mars” in my typical Arnold fashion.

So I’m walking and looking at the frozen food aisle and there is this dude walking past and I just stop and say get your ass to Mars and the guy is kinda like lolwut. And so he starts walking away and I’m like it’s Arnold from total recall and so he kinda walks back a few feet and he’s like what’s that thing say coming out of the guys belly and he’s like “quaid… quaidddd” and we both start laughing. So he walks the opposite way and I continue forward on the quest of the hot pocket.

So I get my hot pockets and I’m going down an aisle headed for the front and apparently this guy has doubled back and is on my aisle again so I’m like “you’ve got to go deeper… deeeper” as I motion my hands in the air again imitating the mutant belly alien again. And we both laugh and he’s saying “quaid!” again.

All in all pretty funny experience…

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Random thought of the night on an old relationship

So I was brushing my teeth and I started thinking about this girl I used to go out with, she is what people would say is “hot” and I’m probably what most (jaded) people would say is “not”. So a place I used to work at we happen to go to sometimes to get stuff, and so this one day I was working and my co-worker another “hot” girl was like so how did you get a girl like that? I already knew what she meant and I said what? hot? and laughed and she was like yeah! I then proceeded to explain how I had known her for awhile…

So I was just thinking that hey I should of told her that maybe she was just not jaded like you and could look past a physical appearance at something more, something deeper…

Yep that would of gone over real swell, jaja.

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another donating saga

So I went to donate yesterday but couldn’t because my pulse was to high so I came back today and I think I’m going to like Thursdays better if the same people donating come back.

So I head into the waiting area right and it felt like a lot of people were watching me so I made a funny face and proceeded to sit down. So after I sit down this guy was like I thought you were making that face at me and then I realized it was at her, so I was like no it felt like everyone was looking at me so I made a face. 😀 so he was like oh ok.

So then he’s like so how are you, I’m like good you? He was good too. but here’s where it got interesting this hot girl walked up and her and her friend were arguing about the bumps on the back her foot being mosquito bites and he was saying no it’s like something crawled up and was like bite bite bite. I dunno she was cute though and so anyways she looked at me and I just smiled and shrugged, good day!

So I get to my donor bed right and we somehow got onto the time the needle fell outta my arm, yeah that was pretty funny day too! \o/

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Automated phone call turns into date!

Pretty epic phone call just now, I got one of those automated phone calls saying that the warranty might be out on my car and I should extend it blah blah, so I said why yes of course I would like to talk to someone about this ‘great opportunity’ so I press one and the computer lets me know that someone will be calling me back shortly.
Sure enough a few minutes later a nice young lady calls me back and says that I expressed interest in renewing my car’s warranty. I said ‘what? I thought this was a dating service’ So shes like a dating service? I’m like yeah a dating service! She’s like you want to go on a date? I’m like yeah! So she’s like I’ll pick you up around 8 o’clock, where do you want to go? I’m like I don’t know wherever you want to go. So she’s like what about mcdonalds? I’m like sure! So she’s like yeah they got a dollar menu! I’m like sounds good! So she’s like okay see you at 8 then! I say okay and you can her her chuckling and she hangs up.
So the whole time I have it on speaker phone right and my boss is like she’s playing along? I’m like yeah! So he is all like sounds like your kind of girl.

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women and high expectations

When it comes to women and wanting to do something I’ve come to the realization not to have high expectations/hope. While yes they may want to do something with me, it quite often falls through to tomorrow or some other date later on and while I know it’s going to happen that eventually we may hang out its more than likely not going to be on the date they said it was going to be and so to avoid the eventual let down I try not to dwell on it… if it’s meant to be it will be so! So for now I just gotta keep on living who knows what tomorrow may bring.

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donating plasma an exciting tale!

I just love when I go to donate plasma and the guy cannot find my vein to save his life and so then they have to try and use my other arm which will go but usually winds up having some kind of a problem and winds up taking forever for me to finish. So here I am trying to donate and it ‘no flows’ and doesn’t want to work so he wants to readjust it and says something funny about ‘its probably in the meat as bad as that sounds’ so he try’s and fails so he says well I’ll try to give you your cells back (red blood cells in the separation/holding jig) which I guess it didn’t work so now I have to wait up front for like ~30 minutes to make sure I don’t pass out or die or something like that… so here I am chilling waiting for the nurse to tell me that I can go. I’m bored but at least I still make my money and of course some music to keep me company and beautiful women walking by…

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Just another day (micro birthday rant)

Never have been to keen on celebrating my birthday, I don’t know why but it just seems like another day to me. I try to avoid telling people too cause it’s like they make a big deal out of it and it’s just another number for me to forget. I mean like seriously past a few certain years it’s like it doesn’t really even matter anymore (16,18,21,etc). It always seems like right as I get to remembering my age it’s my birthday again and I gotta start all over again. 🙁

Anyways I know there wasn’t much content to this post, but hey I didn’t have much to say and it’s not like anyone really reads this anyways. 😀


For clarification on the photo if you don’t understand. Here you will find it, it’s from a song.

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women and money

why does it always seem that women want more money than they have. I mean their bills are payed and have extra but the still want more rent, a job that pays more ect I just don’t understand. I mean sure I’d like to make more money who wouldn’t but why be like I need more money all the time when you are taken care of? if I understood my brain would probably explode so I’m probably better off not knowing hehe…

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Product placement

we are all the byproduct of the previous generation as they are the byproduct of their previous generation and so on and so forth. no wonder were all so fucked up… just crazy building on top of crazy

eh just my epiphany for today, got it from someone posting on Facebook about how everyone these days on Facebook don’t seem happy and how if they got rid of their problems and were to take on someone else’s that they would want their old problems back as they wouldn’t look as bad as what they were dealing with, I agree with this! 🙂

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