donating plasma an exciting tale!

I just love when I go to donate plasma and the guy cannot find my vein to save his life and so then they have to try and use my other arm which will go but usually winds up having some kind of a problem and winds up taking forever for me to finish. So here I am trying to donate and it ‘no flows’ and doesn’t want to work so he wants to readjust it and says something funny about ‘its probably in the meat as bad as that sounds’ so he try’s and fails so he says well I’ll try to give you your cells back (red blood cells in the separation/holding jig) which I guess it didn’t work so now I have to wait up front for like ~30 minutes to make sure I don’t pass out or die or something like that… so here I am chilling waiting for the nurse to tell me that I can go. I’m bored but at least I still make my money and of course some music to keep me company and beautiful women walking by…

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