another donating saga

So I went to donate yesterday but couldn’t because my pulse was to high so I came back today and I think I’m going to like Thursdays better if the same people donating come back.

So I head into the waiting area right and it felt like a lot of people were watching me so I made a funny face and proceeded to sit down. So after I sit down this guy was like I thought you were making that face at me and then I realized it was at her, so I was like no it felt like everyone was looking at me so I made a face. 😀 so he was like oh ok.

So then he’s like so how are you, I’m like good you? He was good too. but here’s where it got interesting this hot girl walked up and her and her friend were arguing about the bumps on the back her foot being mosquito bites and he was saying no it’s like something crawled up and was like bite bite bite. I dunno she was cute though and so anyways she looked at me and I just smiled and shrugged, good day!

So I get to my donor bed right and we somehow got onto the time the needle fell outta my arm, yeah that was pretty funny day too! \o/

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