Another day in the life of…

Well I went out to the pool with my new floaty and googles, I’d been wanting some since last summer and finally got some and then I had to wait for the pool to open because a new company bought my apartment complex and they were waiting on the city to check it or something… so anyway I liked to go to to the pool last year cause I was stressed about work and it was nice to just float around and to not have to think about anything! Well since I been going through some stuff the past week I figured I’d finally get out my floaty and googles and go for a swim and float around in style, ha ha! Well it was still a tad bit chilly as it hasn’t really been to warm yet but I still got in and it wasn’t to bad after I dunked myself in. Well I could see a couple stars and stuff in the sky (thanks to light pollution) I still wasn’t able to fully relax though because I was still thinking about you. Not that thinking about you isn’t relaxing but just more of the fact that I haven’t seen you so long and just to be around you at all, is punishment enough. I really miss you! A lot!!

Your future bae.

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